The arrangement of the office/premises ought to stylistically correspond with the spirit and the attitude of its owners. It also has to correspond with the localization, with the spatial conditions of the building/the interior as well as with the character of the given job. When designing interiors, we care both for its aesthetic aspect and its functionality – so as to reconcile the needs of the Customer and of the Brand Owner.
We also design arrangement for occasional stalls of the company (e.g. for EXPO) and fragments of offices that require improvement – recaption desks, waiting rooms, information zones.
The final element of an interior design is a professional photo session, whose effects can be used later as the material for the company’s website and advertising brochures.


  • We design interior arrangement for offices and company stalls.
  • We organize investment realization and business projects.
  • We design visual identification materials of the brand: logo, leaflets, graphics and spatial infographics.
  • We design and realize websites.
  • We prepare advertising materials for all kinds of printed and electronic carriers: posters, signboards, leaflets, billboards, AdWords, Facebook.