Potential buyers/hirers need support to imagine the appearance of their future house in the place the Investor would like to sell. In order to help both sides in sales or rental transactions, we make an interior design for an exemplary apartment, for private apartments and houses, offices, suites and mansions. We may prepare the interior arrangement both in the electronic form (visualizations) and as realization (detailed design, purchase, architect’s supervision).
In smaller investments, we propose home staging, which is a cosmetic interior improvement, aiming at highlighting the advantages and the space potential.
In larger investments, alongside with a complete interior design, we also design advertising materials – websites, leaflets, posters, brochures etc.


  • We design interior arrangement in premises for sale or to rent: suites, apartments, studios, one-room flats, houses, exemplary apartments.
  • We organize investment realization and business projects.
  • We design brand visual identification materials: logo, leaflets, brochures, visualizations.
  • We design and realize websites.
  • We prepare advertising materials for all kinds of printed and electronic carriers: posters, signboards, posters, billboards, AdWords, Facebook.

projekt wnętrz mieszkania na sprzedaż 1WILCZA APARTAMENTS

Projekt  wnętrz apartamentu pokazowego w kamienicy na ul. Wilczej.

projekt mieszkania na wynajem 1KLASYKÓW WYNAJEM

Projekt  wnętrz mieszkania na wynajem.