The success of an eating places is made up by two factors – a good cuisine and an interesting interior. As for the former, we can only assess the quality, as for the latter – we may help.
Whether you want to have an independent place or a restaurant network, an interior design ought to mirror the owner’s vision, the chef’s style as well as the localization.
When designing restaurant interiors, we care both for the aesthetic aspect (atmosphere, style, comfort, recognizability) and for its functionality (the kitchen layout and equipment, the division into zones, the arrangement of tables and bars). We watch over such details as: the place setting, the packages, and an elegant and durable menu card, because they make up the setting of the dishes and the showpiece of the whole place.
All the elements mentioned above have impact on the atmosphere of the place, on the guests’ appetite and on the general perception of the brand. Therefore, we offer a complete restaurant or bar interior design and full graphics service for companies that base their business on the place.

  • We design all kinds of eating place interiors: for restaurants, bars, cafés and stalls.
  • We organize investment realization and business projects both for independent premises and for those in shopping centres.
  • We design brand visual identification materials: logo, business cards, catalogues, brochures, websites.
  • We prepare advertising materials for all kinds of printed and electronic carriers: light boxes, posters, signboards, leaflets, bilboards, AdWords, Facebook.

kompleksowy projekt restauracji 3RESTAURACJA BIERHALLE WARSZAWA WOLA

Projekt wnętrz, zakładający odświeżenie i unowocześnienie flagowego lokalu marki oraz rebranding materiałów firmowych.

projekt stoiska w centrum handlowym 1STOISKO SPRZEDAŻOWE LA VANILLE

Projekt stoiska cukierni, które znajdują się z centrach handlowych.

projektowania wnętrz kawiarni cukierniKAWIARNIA PIJALNIA CZEKOLADY WEDEL

Projekt wnętrz popularnych kawiarni, którego celem było odświeżenie marki.

projekt stoiska sprzedazowegoSTOISKO SPRZEDAŻOWE LOVEYO

Opracowanie koncepcji wyglądu stoisk sprzedażowych z jogurtami mrożonymi.