Our Studio’s offer will enable you to realize all the elements making up the comprehensive creation of a brand, whose basis is the place (a shop, a salon, a showroom, a restaurant, a café, a bar, an exhibition etc.).
Thanks to our many years’ experience and the team which includes architects and graphic designers, but also specialists in the related domains, we are able to carry our the most complex and elaborate orders.

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The complete offer of our Studio can be found at: www.370studio.com


SPACE BRANDING is an approach to designing space which is new in our market. It assumes simultaneous and multidimensional designing activities, which result in a comprehensive realization of both the interior and its visual identification materials, translating into a coherent image of the investment and into profits.

Key advantages of choosing this service:

  • RELIABLE AND PROFESSIONAL IMAGE (absolute coherence of the concept at every stage of creating the brand)
  • SAVING YOUR TIME (one team, responsible for designing and carrying out all the elements of the project)
  • PEACE OF MIND AND SAFETY (possible long-term graphic service for the company)



projektowanie wnetrzMEETING

Each project of interior design begins with a non-committal meeting, during which we get to know each other, establish the expectations and possibilities as well as build mutual trust, so that the crowning achievement of our cooperation can be an interior of a unique ambience. During the meeting with our Customer we discuss such issues as: the destination and the possible ways of using the space or the characterization of the product, and we establish the target group – or the target user in the case of public interiors. Next, we talk about the questions resulting from the above-mentioned issues: all kinds of needs and expectations, the budget, the deadlines as well as the preferred style of the interior in question.


projekt wnetrz 1SCENARIO

It defines the values and the goals of the project and it indicates the best tools for its realization. The final result is a document based on an analysis prepared by specialists in various domains, indicating the necessary actions in the spatial and the image fields in order to evoke the expected emotions in the project’s audience. The scenario allows to efficiently proceed to the designing stage.


projekt wnetrz warszawaINTERIOR DESIGN

It is carried out on the basis of the conclusions and action schemes worked out in our scenario. In order to assure our Customers’ comfort and work out satisfying solutions, we divide it into the following stages: concept, arrangement and implementation. As a result, the Customer is provided with a complet package of interior design materials, on the basis of which they may proceed to the investment realization.


wnetrza styl


The visual identification project assumes the supplementation of the interior design with an image component. What is designed are brand elements such as: logo, business cards, all kinds of graphic and promotional materials (both printed and destined to be published on-line), and also those connected with the individual needs of a specific project, like e.g. wrappings, covers, gadgets etc.
Graphic projects are created based on a key visual worked out in the scenario which guarantees coherence of all the elements regardless of their scale.

projektowanie wnetrz warszawaREALIZATION

The interior design is crowned with the implementation stage. We make a set of technical drawings, on the basis of which it is possible for the contractors to realize the design. We carry out project architect’s supervision in order to control the work from the point of view of its aesthetics and compliance with the interior design. We are present in the construction site during the key moments of the works, making sure that the final effect mirrors the concept of the interiors.



Additionally, if need be, we offer our support in:

  • preparing guidelines for experts in specific disciplines
  • working out specifications and a bill of quantities
  • preparing documents for offices
  • tender procedures for construction works
  • preparing the interior to a session
  • changing the character of the interior
  • adapting the interior for a marketing or visual campaign
  • preparing the place/the flat to be rented or sold
  • cyclical visits to the Investor’s premises to check the visual condition of the place – coherence with the company’s image
  • coordinating the current modifications of design (seasonal decorations, image changes)

If you do not have time for arranging your flat and even for meetings, we will carry out the whole interior design on-line. On the basis of the sources you send us, we will prepare all the needed interior design materials so that you can realize the project yourself.

  • photorealistic visualizations of interiors and of architectural designs
  • visual 3D models of rooms