The showroom is most often the major showpiece and the foundation of the brand. It is there that the Customer directly encounters the product and meets the company’s philosophy. A well chosen arrangement of the shop interior enhances the image strategy of the brand, displays the product and makes it easier to sell/purchase.
When designing shop interiors, we care both about the aesthetic aspect (logotype presentation, the company’s colours, the manner of displaying the product, advertising and promotional materials) and the functionality (ergonomics, space efficiency, the Customer’s and the Service’s needs, the arrangement of the products, packaging).
Depending on the character of the business, there may appear a need for expanding the company’s activity to stalls in shopping centres, mobile sales points or open-air events. It is also important to make all sales points coherent with the main commercial premises. Also in this respect we may offer you full interior design of all kinds of stalls.
All the elements mentioned above influence the sales efficiency and the brand image. Therefore, we offer a complete shop interior design and graphics service for companies that base their business on the place.


  • We design all kinds of shop interiors: showrooms, stalls, pop ups, commercial premises, shop displays.
  • We organize investment realization and business projects both for independent premises and for those in shopping centres.
  • We design brand visual identification materials: logo, business cards, catalogues, brochures, websites.
  • We prepare advertising materials for all kinds of printed and electronic carriers: light boxes, posters, signboards, leaflets, billboards, AdWords


kompleksowy projekt wnętrz salonu sprzedażowego 4SKLEP MERCER FASHION WARSZAWA

Opracowanie kompleksowego wizerunku marki. Począwszy od logotypu, materiałach firmowych a skończywszy na projekcie wnętrz sklepu i witryn.

kompleksowy projekt wnętrz showroom 2SHOWROOM BUCZYNSKI TAILORING

Projekt wnętrz wraz z projektem wszystkim materiałów firmowych i promocyjnych.

kompleksowy projekt wnętrz salonu sprzedażowego 5SKLEP MERCER FASHION POZNAŃ

Kompleksowa realizacja projektu wnętrz oraz materiałów identyfikacji wizualnej marki.